What to expect on your next visit – Keeping TMC Covid Secure

To all our clients, supporters and friends,


We would like to thank you for the patience and support that you have shown us during last 4 months. We really appreciate it. We are now ready to safely reopen The Massage Centre and resume our services. Over the last weeks, we have worked very hard to test our risk assessment and practice protocols that will enable us to provide treatments safely to you.

Our number one priority is your safety and the safety of our staff. Although there will be changes to the treatment procedures during your future visits, we will ensure that they will not compromise the effectiveness and quality of your treatments.


Here is what to expect during your next massage treatment:


The Massage Centre – safety and hygiene steps introduced to control the risk of Covid-19 from spreading in a clinical massage environment:

  1. Alcohol hand sanitiser points available upon entry, and throughout the common areas.
  2. Clients are asked to arrive wearing a mask and continue to wear for the pre/post consultation and face up treatment time – no requirement to wear for the face down treatment, unless you prefer.
  3. Therapist PPE: disposable IIR type face masks and washable aprons – changed for each treatment. Additional face visors and gloves are available and can be requested.
  4. Contactless infrared temperature checks for staff and clients.
  5. Clients asked to arrive on-time for treatment to remove need to congregate, wearing a mask and washing hands upon arrival and before leaving.  All clients pre-screened for symptoms within two days of appointment and before treatment.
  6. We are operating social distancing in all common areas and your therapist will walk in front of you to manage any contact with oncoming persons.
  7. We aim to encourage prepayment or else take payments and conduct future appointment scheduling in the treatment room to minimise personal contact and prevent gatherings in the reception area.
  8. Social distancing practised throughout the clinic among staff and clients.
  9. Hand washing station in each room including sink, paper towel dispenser, cup dispenser, soap, sanitising gel.
  10. All unnecessary items removed from the rooms or kept inside the cupboard to prevent catching air droplets.
  11. Water filtration units and taps, cup dispensers, paper towel dispensers and pedal bins have been installed in each room to enable safe service and hospitality and minimise contact points.
  12. Impeccable cleaning and hygiene routine.
  13. Appointments staggered with no less than 15min gaps between treatments to facilitate cleaning and sanitation of the room.
  14. Staff must change clothes upon arrival and before leaving. Staff personal belongings stored in a clean washable drawstring laundry sack during shift.
  15. Massage couch hygiene: Moisture resistant couch covering roll – disposed after each treatment, face collar towel – eliminates any possible face surface contact and washed after each treatment, no pillows policy – all towels laundered at high temperature.
  16. Online consultation and consent forms introduced to reduce pen and paper handling, and therapists will sign package cards for you under your supervision.
  17. IIR type masks distributed to all clients who arrive without mask, and for post consultation if you do not have a second mask.
  18. Multiple PPE protocols tested for treatment scenarios.
  19. Tea tree oil diffusers in each treatment room to encourage natural sanitation, and fresh air quality.
  20. Windows opened between treatments to freshen the room air.
  21. We are committed to maintaining a Covid secure environment, remain vigilant and implement improvements to ensure that you can continue to enjoy high quality treatments.

To read our up to date Covid-19 policy  please click here.

We wish you all the very best and cannot wait to welcome you again at our clinic!


Stay safe, stay well, and thank you!

From everyone at The Massage Centr