Pregnancy Massage

What is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy causes your body to undergo numerous changes and your body will spend the entire pregnancy adapting accordingly – pregnancy massage helps your body adapt. Pregnant women can often feel a lot of physical pressure when they carry a baby with musculoskeletal stress being placed on the ribcage, pelvis and back. They can also experience mental and emotional pressure as they undergo chemical changes and feel suddenly responsible for the lives and health of two people. This can result in unnecessary feelings of stress and worry. Pregnancy massage is known for relieving stress, managing aches and pains and supports you through this experience. During pregnancy, women need support as they try to feel ‘normal’ while a new life grows inside them.

The Massage Centre has helped to support hundreds of women seeking pregnancy massage in West London. Pregnancy massage is usually a remedial or therapeutic massage as it is commonly used to alleviate physical, mental and chemical stresses placed on the body and mind during pregnancy. It is always carried out by a qualified pregnancy massage therapist who understands how to adapt the treatment to suit a pregnant lady while supporting and protecting the bump.

What conditions can pregnancy massage treat?

Regular Chiswick pregnancy massage sessions throughout pregnancy are a great way to relieve any problematic physical symptoms of pregnancy. It works to support your vitality and overall health.

As your body goes through many changes with pregnancy, some women find that these physical and chemical alterations can cause pain. Pregnancy massage Chiswick can help to reduce this problem by doing the following:

“Massage is very effective in treating fatigue and stressing during pregnancy, boosting your energy levels and helping you look and feel at your best”

What should I expect during a pregnancy massage session?

Pillows and cushions are often used during a pregnancy massage Chiswick for support. You may prefer to lie on your side or use one of our special pregnancy massage cushions. Many of our West London pregnancy massage clients love the feeling of being able to lie on their front using our pregnancy massage cushion. However, our pregnancy massage therapists will work with you to ensure you are comfortable at all times and help you choose what is best for you.

You can also speak to your massage therapist about what you can do at home to improve your comfort. Learn how to use cushions and pillows to support painful areas and find out about posture, breathing techniques, and appropriate exercises as well.

When should I avoid a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage West London is safe to receive from the second trimester of pregnancy. The Massage Centre only offers pregnancy massage provided by trained and qualified pregnancy massage therapists who also have sports massage qualifications. It is important that they understand biomechanics and the strain that pregnancy weight gain has on the body. You should never book an appointment with a non-pregnancy massage qualified therapist during pregnancy. If your pregnancy is normal and healthy and you are at least 12 weeks into pregnancy, massage can help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and alleviate joint pain before it even begins. However, if your pregnancy is at risk or you have suffered a difficult pregnancy in the past it is important to seek written permission from your G.P. or else avoid pregnancy massage.

Postnatal Massage

A postnatal massage Chiswick is a great way to relieve the tension that can build up during pregnancy and ultimately during the birthing process. Your body may need help to reverse the physical changes forced upon it during the 9 months of pregnancy. We help women seeking postnatal massage in West London using massage techniques to reduce caesarean scar tissue, tighten up loose skin, recover pelvic floor health and generally escape the baby from time to time for relaxation and to unwind.

It is important to look after yourself after the baby arrives as well as while you are pregnant. Massage is also a great way to help you to deal with the stress and physical demands of caring for a newborn baby so that you can perform at your best. It usually takes a couple of weeks after labour to feel okay to receive a postnatal massage. There is no rule for what timeframe to wait and it is usually determined by how comfortable you feel lying on your front. If you are in need of a post-pregnancy massage in Chiswick but feel too uncomfortable to lie on your front we can facilitate you by massaging you in a seated position. Simply inform us of that on booking the appointment and we can help.

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