Sports Massage

What is Sports/Remedial Massage?

Sports massage involves the manipulation and mobilisation of muscles and soft tissues for pain relief, muscle repair, health maintenance and injury prevention. Many people looking for a sports massage in West London assume that it is only for people that regularly practice sport, but it also works wonders in helping inactive people release painful tension and recover flexibility & movement. It is ideal for sudden injuries such as a hamstring strain or shoulder injury and also for long-term injuries such as neck or low back pain.

A sports massage will:

  • Prolong your ability to participate in all modes of activity
  • Improve your sporting performance
  • Lessen the likelihood of injury
  • Treat & rehabilitate existing injuries

What conditions can it treat?

Sports massage was originally designed for athletes; however, it has proven to be extremely effective in treating chronic pain problems such as stiff necks, strained or twisted shoulder muscles, and lower back stiffness or pain. It is also highly beneficial in reducing pain and discomfort in conditions such as whiplash, after a fall or an injury.

Who gets a sports massage in Chiswick?

Sports Massage Chiswick is for people of all ages and levels of physical activity. At The Massage Centre we have treated people well into their 90s and as young as 5 years old using sports massage techniques. People looking for a sports massage near me in London usually seek help from neck and shoulder pain, low backache, injuries and muscle stiffness caused by physical inactivity.

Why do we sports massage the TMC way?

Every sports massage therapist in Chiswick will have their own philosophy of how they approach a remedial massage treatment. London sports massage is always an outcome-focused session where the recipient has a goal to be achieved – “I want pain relief”, “I want to restore joint function so that this pain stays away”, “I want muscle release to free me up from tension, stress or stiffness” or “I want to achieve an optimum level of performance” are common goals that our clients share. Our approach to sports massage is to relieve the symptom but to also treat the cause and that is one reason we are regarded as a leading sports massage clinic in West London.

What should I expect during a sports massage?

Our highly trained West London sports massage therapists may use their hands, fingertips, knuckles even elbows, to effectively release areas of tension. A sports massage will be more focused on a specific or problematic area in your body. On occasion, you may be asked to take a deep breath to help you to relax. If you’re receiving Chiswick sports massage to alleviate pain it will more than likely cause you some discomfort as the therapist coaxes change in your soft tissues. This “good hurt” is an essential component as to create positive change in the muscle’s condition your massage therapist has to apply techniques to take you to your therapeutic edge. That can be described as pain/discomfort that feels satisfying.

How will I feel after a sports massage?

This deeper style of massage may sometimes cause some soreness during, or in the days following the massage. This is simply the muscles releasing stored tension and toxins and will fade within a few days. Some people compare it with post-exercise soreness and it takes a similar amount of time to work itself out. To get the most from your treatment it is important to book your appointment at a time of day that works for you and optimises the full benefits of sports massage.

Having sports massage by Turnham Green tube station enables our Chiswick clients to book a treatment before or after work. Opening hours from 8am – 10pm Mon-Fri and 9am – 6.15pm on weekends facilitate our sports massage Chiswick clients to schedule an appointment at a time where they can refrain from heavy exercise and activity post-treatment – encouraging the tissues to heal. Working people who seek sports massage Chiswick Park can also visit our Turnham Green Terrace clinic before, during or after work.

To find out more and book a treatment, please call us on 020 8166 8958.