What is the best time of day to get a massage?

If you have decided to start treating yourself to a regular massage session, you may be trying to figure out what is the best time of day to get your massage? Should you go before work, during your lunch time or rather wait until the evening? There’s no hard or fast rule that will work for everyone. It depends on your own individual needs and whether you need your massage for improved athletic performance, stress relief or rehabilitation after injury. You can always ask your massage therapist for their recommendation.

Here are some things you can consider when planning your time to get a massage:

  • It’s always better to get your massage after you have exercised
  • If you tend to get sleepy from a massage, you should have it as late in the day as possible so that you can just go home afterwards
  • If you don’t want massage to take time out of your day, you can get one early in the morning. It will help you to feel rejuvenated
  • If you choose to schedule your massage after work, allow yourself to leave the office early so that you are on time for your massage. You do not want to arrive feeling rushed
  • Try not to schedule your massage during a lunch break, you will only stress if you will be on time for it and will need to hurry back to the office afterwards. This can reduce the prolonged effects of your massage
  • Remember everyone is different and responds differently to massage. Some people feel very sleepy afterwards, while others feel rejuvenated and more energetic. Use the way you feel after a massage to choose the best time for you to go for one

Your massage will still be effective, no matter what time you choose to have it. Preferably, if you would like to do some proper aftercare, choose a time where you know you will not be too busy afterwards or that you will at least have an hour or so to relax into the effects of your massage. You should also consider when it will be the busiest at your massage practice and choose a time to avoid the congestion. This may very well mean booking the very first or very last slot of the day.

There are times when you should rather not schedule a massage for yourself. When you have an acute and painful injury, it’s best to stay away from the massage table for a while. It’s also not a good idea to go for a massage if you have been drinking alcohol, have sunburn or are dealing with an illness like a cold or the flu where you may have a fever.

Always be sure to tell your massage therapist beforehand of any medical issues or chronic diseases you may have. This will help them to adjust the treatment so that it is right for you.

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