Therapist Spotlight – Meet Amelia

What 3 words describe you best….?

Bubbly, Empathetic, Consciences


What do you miss most about work during this time?

The people! I miss treating people and seeing positive results, it’s incredibly rewarding seeing the improvement in the quality of life of clients. I’ve loved having this time off to pause and reset, but I’m very much looking forward to treating people again.


Have you discovered any new hobbies during lockdown?

I was gifted a Paint By Numbers kit at Christmas, and although I’ve never been a great artist I have really gotten stuck into it. It sounds simple but it’s a masterpiece in the making! I’ve probably spent about 30 hours on it so far I’m not even nearly finished…

I guess the next stereotypical lockdown hobby would be for me to start baking or doing puzzles!

I’ve also set myself little challenges during lockdown. January’s challenge was to do yoga every single day. This month I’ve set myself a ‘February song challenge’ where I’ve had to record and post a couple of songs every week. I’ve also used this time to revisit my love for writing songs. I doubt I’ll be the next Carole King but it’s a lovely way to express yourself and get creative.


Where did you go on your favourite holiday?

When I was younger I went to Borneo with my family. We had the most incredible trip, from orangutans, river safaris, and planting trees to glorious beaches and scuba diving.

My other favourite was when I went solo backpacking around Europe in the summer of 2019, starting in Lisbon and ending up in Paris. There’s something about travelling by yourself that I love; having some time to yourself to explore different places and cultures, and meeting a lot of new and interesting people you’re unlikely to have met otherwise.


Who is your hero?

I wouldn’t say I have one specific hero as such. I take inspiration from the people around me, especially the strength and kindness that I see in my friends and family. If I had to choose someone it would be Amelia Earhart, because she was ambitious and pursued her dreams, and also because she’s got a great name… 😉


What was the last TV show you binge watched?

The last show I binged was It’s A Sin on Channel 4. It’s such an important, heart warming and heart breaking story and I highly recommend it – you can watch it on 4oD. I binged it in two days and sobbed my eyes out at the end!


Where is your favourite place in Chiswick?

I love Chiswick House and Gardens. I grew up in Chiswick so I have fond memories of going there as child, and I have been on many a walk there during lockdown.


What has been your biggest adventure in life?

When I was 19 I decided to go solo backpacking round Malawi for a few months. I spent half my time at a volunteering lodge on the stunning shores of Lake Malawi, and the other half exploring the rest of the country. This included climbing the 3rd highest mountain in Africa – Mt Mulanje, Sapitwa Peak (which means “unreachable” in Chichewa!). The time I spent there, the people I met, and the memories I made all hold a very special place in my heart.


What makes you feel at peace?

I’ve always loved yoga but especially over the last year. I tend to practice yoga in the evening before bed as it slows me down mentally and physically, enabling me to release all the tensions from the day, and allowing myself that time to reflect and breathe.


A genie gives you three wishes – what are they?

– Being able to remember everything I’ve ever read, seen and heard. Imagine the pub quizzes I’d win!

– The ability to teleport. You could click your fingers and go to a tropical island, or be in the middle of a beautiful untouched forrest. I love travelling and the idea that you could discover some indigenous tribe who could teach you skills you didn’t even know existed.

– My final one is a cheesy one, but the most important: the power to eliminate all the injustice in the world, including poverty, famine, system racism, and disease (*cough cough* coronavirus), to name a few.