Team Updates: Passing the time in Lockdown!

We hope you enjoyed all our updates last month! Here is our latest news…..


Karen: Indulging in hobbies, photography being one of them…


Abi: It’s daddy day care for a few hours today so i can take my gorgeous doggy for a windy walk. Missing everyone at TMC. Abi x


Dominik: Hello from the lockdown! I hope you’re all well and healthy as I am. I’m growing my hair out and getting my hands dirty. Will start to get them clean though. Hopefully see you soon.


Meg: Same beach different day! Enjoying the outdoors, and making sure I get all the vitamin D I can!


Alessandro: Pruning the ivy- in these days I like getting my hands dirty in the garden. Looking after my plants helps me bring clarity to my thoughts and teaches me how to be more patient in my projects. See you soon!😁


Justyna: Best wishes from Surrey Hills. I miss all our lovely clients, collegues and laughter. Wish you all the very best. Lots of smiles and love. Hope to see you soon.


Ginta: Perfume always was one of the greatest parts of my relaxing ritual. Making one by myself is even better. Combining different fragrances, smelling all those natural essential oils is my meditation! And at the end I have a natural home diffuser 🥰


Nick: Isolation doesn’t stop me from keeping up on my hand eye coordination!  #cricket


Dorothy: Dorothy is missing everyone dearly, but on a brighter note she has gone where no Covid can survive!


Liz: Liz has been busy gardening in this glorious weather and hanging out with the fabulous Theo


Chris: Chris has been getting in the mood for VE day. Baking and 1940’s headscarf!


Lillian: Keeping busy with her thermomix!


Fran & Ali: Fran is keeping his massage skills alive by treating  Ali to some deep tissue work. We won’t mention how frequently this happens as it might look very bad on Fran’s part!