Body Scan with Yoga West

This month Yoga West  have kindly shared a short 10 minute Body Scan meditation with you.

A body scan can be an effective tool to manage muscular pain and release tension. There’s plenty of that to go round with lockdown continuing!

It can be used to complement regular massage and exercises neural pathways to enhance the Mindbody communication process.

The body scan is a visualisation technique that involves mindfully scanning your body for sensations of pain, tension, or anything out of the ordinary.

Regular body scanning can:

  • improve sleep.
  • reduce pain
  • reduce anxiety and relieve stress
  • promote a greater self-awareness
  • decrease muscular tension

Yoga West have a library of over 100 professionally filmed classes, teaching beginners yoga, meditation, pregnancy, kids yoga, ashtanga, dynamic flow, yin yoga and yoga for anxiety and sleep. Their library allows you to practice with your favourite teachers anytime you choose. Offering a range of classes from 10 to 60 minutes.

They are currently offering one month’s free access to their online classes. After this time the membership costs £12.99 per month. If you want to read and find out more please click here.