4 Good Reasons To Gift Your Valentine A Massage

Valentine’s Day is not only about dinner dates, gifts, and flowers. Try something unique this time to surprise your valentine! How about gifting them a massage? This will create an ultimate demonstration of care and will be trump the traditional purchase of flowers and chocolates. The experience of receiving massage to unwind the tensions of life, can spark a journey of wellbeing, with self-care habits forever to be cherished.

  • Presence of touch in a massage

Bodywork and rejuvenation combine in a massage to produce health benefits. Receiving touch or giving it, is a natural feeling we all crave for. A massage helps our soft tissues to relax, and the touching of skin stimulates the release of endorphins that are a vital ‘feel-good hormone’ important in the production of happiness. The sense of warmth created during a massage can recreate the sensation of a hug. This feeling of snugness that we get during a massage stimulates endorphins and improves our general health and attitude.

  • Massage is a mood booster and relieves stress

Burdens of work and modern living can leave us fatigued and easily irritable. Massage provides the much-needed escape and relaxation that we sometimes crave. Massage restores a sense of balance between mind and body. When we are in harmony with our physical and mental health, we feel lifted to handle the stress in our lives with greater confidence. While enjoying a massage you are bound to feel good as there are no beeps, no screens, and no messages flashing within sight. This much-needed break from the outer world establishes our connection to our inner self. Massage helps to calm the body and mind and is extremely effective in bringing stress levels down. Everyone in the home or workplace environment benefits from an individual who has rediscovered their mojo and is in a more positive state of mind.

  • Try some me –time massage

Scheduling a massage session after a hectic day or stressful week will help you unwind and re-focus your sense of purpose. Massage provides a much-needed break from stress or chaos. Constant high-stress levels and a chaotic lifestyle can develop serious problems causing your creativity levels, health and happiness to fade. Taking a break from your daily tasks to get your head straight is an effective stress management strategy. Just one hour of massage me-time can recharge your batteries, making you bounce back with enthusiasm. Family needs, work, finances and relationships do sometimes take a toll on us. Rejuvenation sessions are important to provide a positive kick to creativity levels, happiness and health – gifting a massage to your loved one can help bring out the best version of who they really are!

  • Massage is the best way to show you care

Use massage to be the true messenger of love this year! In an ideal world, we would massage our own partner, to convey a sense of warmth, love and care. Our passion-filled touch would make our partner feel secure, happy and contented. However, it’s best to schedule our loved one a massage with a professional massage therapist, in a safe environment where they can relax and step out of life for an hour and into their body. Giving a gift that promotes a sense of wellbeing will still make your bond stronger. The massage session will offer great physical, mental and emotional benefits, boosting your relationship and your Valentine’s overall wellbeing.

This Valentine’s Day leave aside those crowded hotels, restaurants and gift shops, and gift a massage to your partner instead. This valentine gift will be the perfect way to show your love. Massage vouchers can be purchased at reception or online https://www.tmc-chiswick.com/gift-vouchers/