Treating Postural Problems with Massage Therapy

In the same way if you were to go to the gym each day and lift weights with only your right arm then the muscle groups in that arm would become bigger and stronger. On the flip side, since you’re not lifting weights with your left arm the muscles will become very loose and weak.

So what causes muscular imbalances?
The best way to explain this is say you have a computer job you do all day long. If you’re sitting correctly in the chair then you don’t have anything at all to worry about. However if you simply sit in the chair for prolonged hours slumped over then you are now developing a muscle imbalance.

As a result this can have an effect on the spine simply because if you sit hunched over continuously then your spinal column becomes comfortable with the position and will sooner or later stay that way. Once your spine or any of your joints are certainly not aligned like they should be then you have postural dysfunction. The end result is soreness and pain since over time the muscles within the joints will begin to experience stress from the straining. When this occurs you will start to feel discomfort and pain in that part of your body. You may readjust your body naturally but often it just puts the stress on other muscles and joints and over time you will feel the pain all over again.

In order to get the joints and muscles to unwind and relax you will need a therapeutic massage. There are many unique variations of massages that could help you. If you are into sports activities and constantly fatigue the muscles and joints, then you could get a Sports massage. In order to ease everyday tension and stress try a deep tissue massage, trigger point release, or myofascial release. All of these deep massages will get the muscles and joints to release and unwind to help you to continue on with your day.

Sebastian has over 10 years of experience working in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. He has studied extensively and has helped professional sports people and non-active people alike. Sebastian’s philosophy is to treat the hidden cause of the problem along with the presenting pain symptom. He believes in educating his clients on their body condition and teaching them the appropriate stretches and exercises to reach their full bodily function. Sebastian’s mannerism and friendly nature makes him very approachable for clients who are unsure of the correct action to take on their road to recovery.

Sebastian works at The Massage Centre in Chiswick on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 2.30-10pm; and Saturdays 9am – 6.15pm.

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