Therapist Spotlight – Dominik

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the south east of Poland. The valley of San river. Forests, peaks, and a beautiful river.

Which part of London do you live in now and what do you like about it?

The Isle of dogs in east London. There is a big park and animal farm with horse stables a 2 minute walk from my place. River all around and Canary Wharf buildings on the horizon. Feels almost like home…

What attracted you to a career in massage?

Having a more hands-on approach and more freedom to use my Physio skills on a variety of clients.

Have you ever done a massage treatment in an unusual environment?

I was a volunteer at the London Marathon a few years ago. In Queen Elizabeth II Centre we massaged runners pretty much straight after event. Very satisfying experience.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Paragliding takes all my attention and free time.

Wow, Paragliding? Tell me a bit about that.

I’ve had my licence for 6 years now. But I was hooked right from when I was in school. One teacher was encouraging us to train in skydiving, sailplanes flying and paragliding. I was into skydiving then. I’d done my training and everything but when I tried paragliding I was hooked and I’ve never stopped thinking about it since. I was 16 back then. Now I fly locally in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Wales or go for flying holidays. France, Spain, Italy or Macedonia most recently.

Have you travelled much, and where’s the most amazing place you’ve been to?

When I travel, normally I would choose a destination where I can fly. But I haven’t taken my paraglider to Kenya and it was amazing there too. Also I’ll always remember my working holiday on Lefkada in Greece when was a student.

Do you have any creative talents?

Not really. But I can ride my bicycle backwards. Does that count?

What would your girlfriend say is your most annoying habit?

She gets annoyed by always finding my wet towels left behind in bathroom. I’m always hoping it’ll get dry anyhow.

Have you ever had a nickname?

Actually I’ve never had one. You can shorten my name in so many ways that I think it’s enough. Dom, Domin, Domino and it’s just my first name.

If you were on a desert island and could have three things with you, what would they be?

Snorkel, mask and flippers.

If you could speak to your younger self, what advice would you give him?
Do more of what you love, and never compromise.

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