The difference between Deep Tissue, Sports & Remedial massage

It can be very confusing to tell the difference between the different types of massage and know what to choose when scheduling a treatment. Let us explain the difference between deep tissue, sports and remedial massage.

Remedial massage is an outcome-focused treatment.

This means we aim to achieve the goals that you set out for your treatment. We employ whatever deep tissue and sports massage techniques required to remedy any current muscular concerns you may have – enabling you to feel better. Remedial massage tends to be a purposeful treatment where your therapist aims to remedy any issues that your muscle and soft tissues are suffering from. You will often be encouraged to take some deeper breathes as your therapist applies deeper pressure to melt away any restrictions that the soft tissues demonstrate. While some of a remedial massage treatment can be free flowing and relaxing, at other times it’s quite concentrated as the therapist holds the pressure along the therapeutic edge. The therapeutic edge is the “good pain” barrier where your therapist applies enough pressure to effect physical change by melting and releasing muscle tension. A skilled therapist can find and work along the therapeutic edge barrier enabling optimal change without pushing you too far into a state of pain, breath holding and ultimately even more resistance within your muscles.

Deep tissue massage can be used as a deep pressured relaxation focused treatment by using rhythm and flowing massage strokes. Alternatively, deep pressured massage can be utilised as a remedial massage where your therapist applies the amount of pressure at the appropriate tissue depth which takes you close to the therapeutic edge. As in the last paragraph, we call the therapeutic edge that place of challenge where the pressure is a little uncomfortable but you can still breathe and feel the relief of tension melting.

Sports massage is usually symptom-focused to remedy any dysfunctional issue in your muscles. It is a collective name for various remedial massage techniques that can be used to physically enhance an area of muscular dysfunction. At TMC we like to direct our sports massage treatments to treat both the cause and the symptom along with the area of dysfunction. This approach enables you to feel relief in the areas where you feel aches and pains, but also have the causing trigger points and restrictions in movement addressed to re-balance your bio-mechanics. The equilibrium in your joints between opposing muscle groups allows pain free movement restored through the use of sports massage techniques.

Choosing the best treatment.

It can be difficult to know what type of treatment to ask for when booking an appointment. At The Massage Centre, we only recruit sports and remedially qualified therapists. We don’t worry so much as to what to call your treatment, instead, we tailor the treatment to suit you. If you have an outcome for your massage in mind, please let our reception team know. That way, we will match you up with the therapist who is strongest in that skill set – giving you a higher quality outcome.