Staff Spotlight – Liz is on tour

Our very own Liz Westwood is currently touring the UK with her band Westworld. Let’s Rock 80s, is a summer retro festival with 12 nights in different UK cities. If you love 80s music and would like to relive the past by packing a bag of 80s style clothes and going retro then please book tickets here:
About Liz and Westworld
Westworld were formed in 1987 by former Generation X guitarist Bob “Derwood” Andrews and American vocalist Elizabeth Westwood. They were signed by Korda Marshall and their first single, Sonic Boom Boy went straight to number 11 in the UK charts and became a hit throughout many countries. Westworld toured all over Europe in the years 87/88 & 89 and followed up singles Silver Macand Where the Action Is. Liz is thoroughly enjoying this tour and is having the time of her life reconnecting with the stars of the 80s, fans and artist friends alike. Make sure you ask her all about it when you see her next.