Neck pain – How to plan your massage sessions

How many sessions does it take to relieve neck pain? Have you ever wondered about the optimum number of massage sessions to effectively treat muscular conditions, such as neck pain? During years of practice we have tested the number of treatments and massage techniques required to relieve pain and correct dysfunction. In this article we seek to explain our findings.

Common neck pain symptoms treated using massage

Neck and shoulder tension and related pain are the most common symptoms that we treat using massage in Chiswick. We treat people regularly for neck muscle spasm, restricted movement, referral pain that spreads to the shoulder and arms along with tension headaches also caused by neck muscle tension. Having a “pain in the neck” can be very debilitating. It impacts our work performance, personal relationships and the ability to engage in physical activities. Neck massage is effective in releasing muscle tension, allowing nerve pain to subside. Softened muscle tissues become cleansed of painful acids as blood flow flushes through previously restricted knots in the musculature.

Massage for neck pain relief

When you search for a “massage near me” to treat neck related pain you have a choice as to how far to take your massage? Relief is the easiest gain to achieve using massage with the least financial, time or physical investment. One massage can relieve neck pain, two massage treatments can reduce the effects of pain even better. These are usually spaced no more than a week apart. Relief massage is re-active – I have pain now and I want it to feel better.

Massage to correct dysfunction in the neck muscles

The Massage Centre in Chiswick specialises in remedial massage. We love it when our clients choose to take their massage care beyond relief to take charge and remedy the cause. Posture, repetitive physical activities and stress are the most common reasons that neck pain gets triggered in the first place. Correcting neck muscle dysfunction is as simple as teaching a new muscle memory using neurological massage techniques.  We support you in becoming aware of how, where and when the trigger of pain occurs so you can learn to prevent it. We normally recommend 3 x weekly sessions to reboot muscle memory and possibly spacing further treatments out after that until muscle resilience occurs.

Massage to manage an on-going neck issue

In many cases the best that massage can achieve is in preventing it from getting worse. On-going work demands, chronic issues, previous trauma or unhelpful posture may cause neck pain to continually re-occur. Many of our clients have found enormous support and peace of mind when we help them find the optimum frequency to have their massage. Experimenting with how often to receive massage by measuring the longevity of benefits can empower people predisposed to neck pain to live normal pain free lives. We have clients who book in as frequently as every 3 weeks and as little as every 3 months to manage chronic issues depending on their unique needs.

Causes of neck pain and how to prevent them

It’s little surprise that we have so many people using massage in London to treat neck pain with most causes of neck pain associated to the sedentary lifestyle of modern lifestyles. Long before text neck became a syndrome people carried stress in their neck and shoulders. Regularly carrying a bag on one shoulder, cradling a phone, using unsupportive pillows or hours of desk sitting are common contributors to the reason why neck pain occurs in the first place. Did you know that we have also discovered that poor eyesight and screen straining due to incorrect eye lenses also cause muscles of the neck to ache? We find that neck muscle spasm increases when people sit in the direct line of cold air from the air conditioning unit.

There is no right way or wrong way to treat neck pain. There are also no “one fits all” massage treatment plan. We can only personalise your massage treatments to you, your needs, wants, lifestyle and causes of muscular pain. As your condition changes, we adapt our massage techniques to suit you. If your body awareness grows and the causes of pain lessen, we can give you advice on reducing the frequency of massage session regularity. If you or someone you care about suffers from neck pain, please give us a call on 020 8166 8958 and we will be happy to help.