Massage for Busy Mums

Massage means “recovery” time
Constantly focusing on everyone else’s needs may mean that you don’t notice becoming sleep deprived, suffering muscle aches and tension and living off adrenalin energy. Massage is a great way to manage and contain these effects. Just an hour of massage every few weeks or monthly can “reboot your systems” to reverse the side effects. Quality sleep usually follows a remedial massage enabling calmer emotions. As a result your brain reduces the chemical supply of cortisone and adrenalin to restore chemical homeostasis – in turn your muscles relax and your mental focus becomes clearer.

Massage for tension & pain relief
Massage can be an effective way to reduce or remove stress and tension. Stress commonly causes tension in muscles – with the muscles around your shoulders, neck, arms and face being especially affected. Neck tension triggers headaches and headaches can make a busy mum’s life uncomfortable. Avoid this by choosing to schedule a massage at regular intervals. Qualified sports and remedial massage therapists are trained to understand the muscles, referral pains and how to treat them effectively and safely so that you can function effectively without tension and pain.

Massage improves general health
We know that having a regular massage can help improve the musculo-skeletal system of muscle function, recovery time and circulation. However, for busy mum’s who are trying to keep their body healthy, massage can also play a role in supporting the endocrine, digestive and neurological systems. Studies show that your body often produces “good hormones” such as endorphins during a massage and can lead to a reduction or toxic dumping of “bad hormones” like cortisone. A neutralising of the chemistry within the body can calm irritated nerve endings and enable enzymes to aid digestion. Look at regular massage being like a mini MOT for your body and discover how the benefits of natural cleansing and weight maintenance can be easier when all the systems of your body are in harmony.

Massage to boost your energy
Busy mums can experience 24 hour days. If you’re feeling lethargic, sleepy or drained, the answer might just be a good massage – relieving tension and boosting circulation. The circulatory system is responsible for the supply of fresh nutrients and oxygen carried in the blood vessels – and the removal of waste. Our lymphatic system removes much of the body’s natural waste and all massage boosts the lymphatic system to leave you feeling energised and revitalised. Cleansing your blood can help you perform stronger mentally and still have the energy to enjoy time with your little ones when you get home.

Massage helps to lift your mood
Balancing motherhood with work and all other life commitments can be a considerable challenge for most mums, especially at the end of a long day. Having a regular massage can empty your mind of stress before it reaches the overflow level. You can’t escape stressful circumstances but you can manage stress to remain calm & keep you mood lifted.

Massage makes the perfect gift
On Mother’s Day we recognise and affirm our appreciation to mums and to their contribution, talents and for their love. Consider massage as a gift for your mum this year. You can choose a one off treatment for her to de-stress, relax or a package to help with ongoing support, care and replenishment.

If you would like to give regular massage a go, give us a call on 020 8166 8958 and we will match you up with a massage therapist who best suits your needs