Improve your golf with massage therapy

Having a massage before or after the game can have a huge physical and emotional impact on the quality of your performance and recuperation. Here are some of the benefits that massage therapy can provide:

  • Enhances flexibility – If you’re having a hard time perfecting your swing or if you have tight muscles, then including a massage in your schedule is a must. It helps relax your muscles in order for your body to become more flexible and for your tight muscles to loosen up which helps you move freely through your game. It also lessens injuries that you might suffer because of hypotonic or tight muscles.
  • Stimulates blood flow – A massage before a game stimulates healthy blood flow, and minimizes pain and muscle soreness after a game. It also helps your muscles and mind to relax before the game so you’re focused and able to play your best game.
  • Strengthens your body’s weak pointsMassage therapy can also help you strengthen weak points including hips, shoulders, hands and legs. That is the reason why massage therapy before a game is a must; it’s a great way to prepare to ensure your best performance!

Massage therapy can help you improve your golf performance and your overall health. It prevents injuries and muscle soreness during and after the game. It enhances flexibility, which is indeed necessary in this kind of sport. Its benefits have become well known all over the world, which is why spas, massage clinics and gyms offer different kinds of massage therapy to help golfers develop their abilities and performance. Massage therapy for golfers has numerous benefits; from lessening the risk of injury during the game to enhancing overall performance. It also helps you focus and optimize your game. In short, it makes this sport more enjoyable, easy, and fun.

Golf is absolutely not an easy sport, it might look easy for some, but actually, it is not. It requires proper training, knowledge about the game, and expertise if you want to be a professional golfer. It might sound impossible for some but massage can seriously optimize your game.

Sebastian has over 10 years of experience working in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. He has studied extensively and has helped professional sports people and non-active people alike. Sebastian’s philosophy is to treat the hidden cause of the problem along with the presenting pain symptom. He believes in educating his clients on their body condition and teaching them the appropriate stretches and exercises to reach their full bodily function. Sebastian’s mannerism and friendly nature makes him very approachable for clients who are unsure of the correct action to take on their road to recovery.

Sebastian works at The Massage Centre in Chiswick on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 2.30-10pm; and Saturdays 9am – 6.15pm.