Fulham Massage & Wellness



As many of you know The Massage Centre began massaging the needs of Chiswick people back in 2008, and has established itself as one of West London’s leading massage centres. We feel privileged to have been trusted by thousands of locals in this time, as they sought relief, correction and health management for their muscular needs.

The Massage Centre was founded by Fran Kehoe as he discovered the need to offer solutions to people in busy urban areas suffering from muscular aches, pains and imbalances. Having experienced these symptoms personally, he found it was difficult to find practitioners who could offer effective treatments and teach their clients how to manage their body better to help prevent or reduce painful episodes. As a result, he began training in sports and remedial massage and quickly found himself too busy to fulfil the needs of all the clients who wanted help. As he built a team of like-minded therapists around him, The Massage Centre grew with demand to become the practice it is today.

Fulham Massage & Wellness has been created to offer effective and enjoyable massages to the people of Fulham and surrounding areas. It is the brainchild of Fran Kehoe and Agata Dudo – who previously worked at The Massage Centre in Chiswick for Fran before opening her own massage clinic in Bromley. Fran and Agata share the same philosophy of what makes a great massage and their popularity with clients can bear testimony to their ideals. They believe in the importance of having a holistic view of the body, and they aim to deliver a flowing treatment with slow deep focused pressure over the whole body, to leave their clients feeling fully rebooted and ready to live a fuller life until their next massage.

If you would like to read more about Fulham Massage & Wellness please visit our website: www.fulham-massage.com

Next month’s newsletter will include an opening offer for any Massage Centre clients who would like a trip to explore our new beautiful premises and receive an effective and enjoyable massage there. So watch this space!