Benefits of Massage on Your Immune System

Boosting the immune system should be the aim of everybody wanting to promote wellness of both body and mind. Your immune system does a remarkable job in shielding you from diseases caused by microorganisms. Strengthening your immune system avails you with the following benefits:

  • Improves the cardiovascular system
  • Keeps the mind in great condition
  • Prevents microorganism causing diseases
  • Boosts the body’s natural killer cells
  • Treats inflammatory infections
  • Releases antioxidants to combat cancerous cells
  • Naturally improves the body’s ability to get nourishment in vital areas
  • Decreases chronic pains and more

Eating balanced meals, proper sleep and exercise are ways to keep the immune system strong and functional. Apart from these, another effective and safe way of strengthening the immune system is through massage.

How Can Massage Help Your Immune System?

Getting a body massage does not only allow you to relax, but it also strengthens your immune system. There is more to lying on a comfy table and getting your body kneaded by a skilled massage therapist than meets the eye.

We have deemed it necessary to educate you on the benefits of massage on your health. This knowledge is drawn from our experiences and testimonials of past clients. We hope that at the end you will embrace massage therapy as a way of improving your immune system and promoting your overall wellbeing.

Enhances Mental Alertness

High stress level can impede sharp mental alertness. An increase of the stress hormone, Cortisol, has a way of becoming a barrier to sound mental health leading to a decrease in cognitive abilities. Massage therapy is a veritable way to knead away the stress hormone. This creates room for relaxation that is imperative given that the negative barrier to mental wellness has been eradicated.

Improves Sleep

Stress and lack of sleep are interrelated. Stress interferes with sleep activity making it difficult to sleep at night, the sleep duration and its quality. Not getting enough sleep can cause fatigue, depression, concentration difficulty, and decline of the immune system function. Combine lack of sleep with increased stress level and the immune system will not be able to fight infections and diseases.

Massaging roots out the stress hormones paving the way to enjoy quality sleep. Being able to enjoy quality sleep improves the immune system to combat other ailments.

Enhances Blood Circulation

When there is a pain in the neck or shoulders, it is usually caused by postural stress, which you acquire by sitting or lying in an uncomfortable position. If you are not engaging in enough physical activity, you are slowing blood circulation, which contributess to a poor immune system and other body ailments.

Integrating a massaging therapy into your routine gets the blood circulating sufficiently around your body. A massage stimulates the body to promote blood circulation that nourishes the immune system, enhance digestion and keeps other diseases away.

Reduces Ageing

After receiving massage therapy, blood circulation improves and the immune system functions better to combat radicals that cause aging. When blood circulates unrestricted around the body it aids and strengthens the immune system, and guards the skin against the unwanted effect of stress.

Soothes Muscular Tension

Increase in stress levels can culminate and result in muscle tension. Whether you have sore muscles, stiff legs, headache, or neck pain, they are usually caused by too much stress.

A massage is highly effective in combating muscular tension. A skilled and qualified massage therapist helps to keep the stress levels at bay, improve the muscle conditions and fortify the immune system to function better. It restores the natural state of the muscle making it suppler and flexible.

Fights Anxiety and Depression

Increased stress impedes the secretion of happy hormones causing anxiety and depression. Having your body kneaded by a skilled massage therapist reduces the stress levels. It also promotes the secretion of the happy hormones and stabilizes the neurotransmitter and muscular pathways. Furthermore, the immune system is strengthened.

Increases White Blood Cells

Especially during the winter months, massage therapy is a handful to fend off the flu and cold. According to research by Cedars-Sinai, massaging elevates the activity level of the white blood cell. The increased white blood cell levels strengthen the immune system to the fight off flu and colds.

Helps Reduce Muscle Pain

Engaging in strenuous physical activity can leave you with sore and achy muscles. The swelling and soreness of the muscle is caused by inflammation. The services of a skilled massage therapist can help your immune system to ease muscle pain and feel more relaxed.

Removes Body Toxins

Massage therapy is highly effective in flushing bodily toxins. Toxins accumulated in the body from lactic acid build up in the muscle, regular massaging eliminates mucus accumulation in the sinus and fatigue caused by byproducts of body metabolism. Consequentially, the immune system is strengthened.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

High blood pressure caused by increased stress can lead to cardiac arrest, strokes and kidney failure. A tested-and-true technique of combating high blood pressure is receiving a massage. Massage therapy reduces stress levels and blood pressure to promote relaxation of the body & mind – aiding the effectiveness of the immune system.

Massages leave recipients feeling healthier and happier. Elevated fatigue and stress levels in the body can decrease the functioning of the immune system in defending the body against alien bodies. A massage is all it takes to increase the production of different types of cells that will help the immune system battle infection and disease.

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