Change Your Perspective to Avoid Autumn Weight Gain


Jump forward to 2016 and it is feast all the time, no famine, and we have to learn how to prevent our hard wiring from packing on the survival pounds when we just don’t need it. Anyone familiar with a pumpkin spiced latte? A grande has just under 20% of your day’s total calories, according to the NHS and Starbucks. So ditch the sugar syrups! Next, start walking and enjoying the sights and scents of the autumn air in England. Succumbing to autumn comfort foods, like pastas and stews is a big mistake people make according to Stews and soups can still be satisfying with extra veggies added. Also be aware of the portion size of your pasta dinners, and add more vegetables to those as well. Now that harvest time is upon us, it is easy to find fresh and local fruits and vegetables to add to your menu. Parents buying snack size sweets for their children’s school lunches should keep it to a minimum. If you yield to your cravings for one, then another, before you know it all those little treats add up to a serious portion of calories. If you are going to indulge, choose something you will really enjoy, and then only rarely as a real treat. We want our clients to have a positive transition into the autumn, with an active and healthy lifestyle that includes time to see us for a treatment if you experience muscle pain or tightness.