All or Nothing Syndrome

sebastian small

You can’t deny the fact that exercising is not only important to maintain physical fitness but it also it boosts your psychological strength and overall well-being. If you feel that you have previously adopted the mindset that there is no point exercising just a little, it will be necessary for you to challenge the “all or nothing” limitation.

It is just a myth that you cannot achieve your fitness goals if you don’t exercise much. As a matter of fact, even scheduling your routine with minor healthy tweaks can keep you physically toned, strengthened and happy. A regular exercise routine helps in producing the happy Hormones, “Endorphins”, relieving and reducing your day-to-day stress levels.

Positive tips to get you started with the fitness routine.

Start slow by adopting little physical activities in your daily routine – and stick to them. Walking at a moderate intensity for just 10 minutes can help maintain reasonable fitness gains. That alone is worth the small time commitment.Vary or amend your posture habits from time to time. Some people have a tendency to sit or stand in a similar posture – for a long stretch of time. This immobility often causes you back pain and stress. Even periodically shifting your body weight from left to right until you find a comfortable spot can distribute your body weight pressure to the right areas. It is highly recommended to take some breaks and move around, specifically if you have sitting based job.Practicing stretching activities and routines can help you in keeping your muscles flexible and toned.Be focused and consistent in your fitness regime. Negative thoughts, like delaying the exercise schedule or cancelling should be just passed away with a smile. It is only now or never.Using maintenance or sports massage therapy can bring huge benefits to your physical and mental health. Some of the very effective benefits of massage are:Promotes flexibility and expands your range of bodily motions.Removes fatigue and improves endurance.Eliminates many causes of injury by releasing the connective tissues and muscles.Reduces the recovery periods between workouts.Increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen by improvising the blood circulation.Enhances the eradication of toxins produced by exercise by boosting your lymphatic system

“Motion is Lotion” is the most accurate adage. Seventy percent of the human body consists of fluids. So without any physical motion, these fluids stops circulating the way they are supposed to, which gradually leads to the drying out of the vital tissues of the muscles – often causing joint and back pain.

We wish you the best of luck with your fitness regime & remember we are always here to help & support you!