Hanan Ali

“The massage therapists at the TMC Chiswick have been brilliant and are really friendly. They have really helped with my neck and back issues. Would definitely recommend and continue to go back :)” – Hanan Ali

Jesenka Woodward

“I’ve been having massage at TMC Chiswick for years now. I love the fact that they offer a therapeutic massage rather than a light spa-style massage. They don’t rush through the treatment and I feel great afterwards.” – Jesenka Woodward

Jill Meager

“The Massage Centre has genuinely changed my life. Knowing that I can have regular, expert massages to keep my migraines (and any other stress-related tensions) under control is so reassuring.” – Jill Meager

A R Challenges

“Waited for years for a place like this to open. Had to travel across London to find someone who knew how to adminster a good sports massage and understand the body. When the massage center opened they had and still have many staff that tick this box, Extremely courteous and professional.” – A.R Challenges

Michael Attenborough

“Not only are their therapists the finest I have ever experienced, they bring a range of knowledge to their work that means they can carefully tailor their massage to your specific needs. Added to this, the atmospheric is consistently warm, friendly and welcoming, making you feel consistently at home and at ease.” – Michael Attenborough

Alison Coll

“All the massages I have ever had, from several different therapists over many years have all been excellent, giving me the very deep therapeutic massage I like and need. Their technique and manner have always been exemplary.” – Alison Coll

Andrew Lawton

“Great place. Great staff. Great service. Very professional and very happy service.” – Andrew Lawton

Annie Kossoff

“A great service and very convenient in West London as only minutes from the tube!” – Annie Kossoff

Andrew Jackson

“I first went to The Massage Centre to relieve a sports injury. As well as fixing that problem, I ended up in much better shape-especially in the back, neck and shoulders. I now go regularly every month or so. They are highly professional. Very friendly. Absolutely excellent.” – Andrew Jackson

George Clode

“I had my ever sports massage at The Massage Centre a few days before my first ever London Marathon. As I was so close to the event, the massage therapist didn’t go too hard on me and I left feeling loose and relaxed enough to get a cracking time. So, thanks!” – George Clode