Andrew Lawton

“Great place. Great staff. Great service. Very professional and very happy service.” – Andrew Lawton

Annie Kossoff

“A great service and very convenient in West London as only minutes from the tube!” – Annie Kossoff

Karen Fitzpatrick

“Christos gave a most thorough treatment. The best I’ve ever had! Everybody I encountered was both friendly & efficient. & my treatment was carried out at the exact appointment time…unheard of!” – Karen Fitzpatrick

Melissah Gibson

“Amazing amazing amazing. 2014 has been relatively injury free thanks to the handiwork of Sebastian! I would recommend him to everyone, he keeps me running!!” – Melissah Gibson

Andrew Jackson

“I first went to The Massage Centre to relieve a sports injury. As well as fixing that problem, I ended up in much better shape-especially in the back, neck and shoulders. I now go regularly every month or so. They are highly professional. Very friendly. Absolutely excellent.” – Andrew Jackson

George Clode

“I had my ever sports massage at The Massage Centre a few days before my first ever London Marathon. As I was so close to the event, the massage therapist didn’t go too hard on me and I left feeling loose and relaxed enough to get a cracking time. So, thanks!” – George Clode

Michael Seymour

“An excellent company-overall standards of the therapists are very and consistently high. The customer/client focus is second-to-none and they are really focused on both cure and prevention, as well as taking the time to understand and properly investigate what the issue might be up front.” – Michael Seymour

Mae Ben

“I visited The Massage Centre when I was pregnant. It was a lovley experience. It made me feel really relaxed. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Mae Ben

Hannah Bishop

“Fran and the team have been amazing! Highly recommend!” – Hannah Bishop

Lisa Moody

“Fantastic treatments every time-so accomodating, friendly and warm staff. Excellent-thank you massage centre.” – Lisa Moody