Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish massage?

A Swedish massage is primarily the same as a relaxation massage. The main purpose will be to help promote total mind and body relaxation and increase your sense of wellbeing. Therefore your therapist will probably use a slower place and light to medium pressure.

A Swedish massage will:

  • Help alleviate pain
  • Aid relaxation
  • Enhance circulation to remove waste and toxins from the body
  • Help with conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress

What conditions can it treat?

Swedish massage has proven very effective in treating many conditions including: muscle aches and pains, headaches and migraines, depression, low immune system, emotional conditions, poor circulation, IBS and stress.

What should I expect during a Swedish massage?

During a relaxation massage there is less focus on working out serious adhesions or knots in the muscle tissue. Your therapist will use a lighter touch and won't push your discomfort limits in order to get muscles to release. Often clients may feel so relaxed that they fall asleep during a Swedish massage.

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