Zara Ray


Zara navigated her way to Sports Massage Therapy after completing a Sports Management degree and working as a Personal Trainer. She knows what it is like to feel pain having learned the hard way from years of over training and muscular holding patterns in her own body. She has worked closely with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Massage Therapists both as a patient and in a work capacity and loves to bring all her experience to make a positive difference to people’s quality of life through movement and massage.

Zara’s dedicated and dependable nature make her the perfect partner in helping her clients rehabilitate from symptoms of pain and in preventing recurrences. She treats the body as a unit and methodically searches for the key to unlock any bio mechanical imbalances that may be causing her client’s discomfort.

Training and Education

Sports Massage ITEC Level 3

Types of Treatment

Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage.

Interests and Hobbies

Zara has a strong interest in reading, particularly topics related to personal development, leadership, science, and international affairs. She competes, coaches, and trains in a range of martial arts and sports. Health and wellbeing as well as mental discipline is a key aspect of her life. She enjoys travelling and meeting diverse groups. Zara aims to actively make a difference where possible, volunteering in many charities. Most recently she volunteered for post event sports massage at the 2021 London Marathon.

Schedule at the Clinic

Tuesday 7.45am-2pm

Wednesday 7.45am-2pm

Friday 2.30pm-10pm

Sunday 9am-6.15pm


I had few sessions with Zara so far. She is amazing! She is exceptionally professional and knowledgeable and has changed my quality of life for the good. I feel so easy and comfy to move and walk and to do exercise. She is very capable and eager to help me in every issue I feel through my body. I appreciated her services and may come forever!