Sigita Beliunaite


Sigita was just 14 when she started to develop an interest in massage, intially inspired by her love of sport. She then continued to gain practice and knowledge at the prestigious London School of Sports and Remedial Massage. Sigita believes massage is all about obtaining a balance, both physically and mentally. Her positive energy is expressed through her massage enthusiasm, and skill.

Training and Education

Qualified as a massage practicioner at The London College of Massage

Types of Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Interests and Hobbies

Sigita has lots of interests outside of work, and particulalry her love of food. She loves to bake and test the results out on her family and friends!

Schedule at the Clinic

Monday: 7.45am-2.00pm

Tuesday: 2.30pm-10pm

Wednesday: 2.30pm-10pm


I have always been rather suspicious of massages and didn’t think they were a proper form of treatment. However, I was suffering from bad pain in my lower back that was shooting down into my leg and one of my colleagues suggested I tried the Chiswick Massage Centre. I have now seen Sigita four times and she has made a huge difference. She is so thorough, hugely professional and clearly very knowledgable about the body. She is also incredibly nice and cares about her patients. She explains what muscles are doing what and it actually makes sense! Most importantly I feel better after every session and now, after four sessions the pain has amost completely disappeared. I realise I was completely wrong about proper massage – it is an art! I will be recommending Sigita to my colleagues at work. She is amazing! Justin, Muswell Hill

Justin Joseph

“I have seen Sigita many times over the last year or so, with various sports-related injuries and I can genuinely say that she is a miracle worker. Each and every time, she has been able to turn me around, and enable me to get back to training, within days or weeks rather than months. She not only has an incredible ability to diagnose and treat issues, but also how to accelerate recovery and avoid future injury.. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a very consultative and supportive approach to care. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Michael Seymour

Been going to The Massage Centre for quite a few years now. Went originally for a seized-up neck which was sorted out for me, but I just keep on going ! Sigita always looks after me, whether it’s after some full-on horse riding or just the aches and pains of old age!!! It is serious, proper, tough love massage. I love it!

Rosie T