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If you cannot relax then the tension can add to any pain that you already have. In turn, pain itself is a source of stress. You may find that you are unable to sleep which can also add to the problem as you will be tired and irritable the next day. You will have reduced patience and stamina and will be less able to cope with everyday life.

Massage can interrupt the cycle of pain and reduce stress. It also works on the nervous system so that both the mind and body are relaxed. Most people who have a massage find they are better able to sleep which can also help a great deal.

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If you are suffering from high levels of pain it is important to consult a doctor and make them aware that you are having massage therapy. The therapist should also be made aware of ongoing medical conditions.

Rest, nutrition and exercise are always recommended to ensure that the massage therapy is as effective as possible. You may also benefit from stress counselling and meditation and yoga can also be effective in helping to reduce stress levels.

The massage therapy will help to ease many elements of the cycle of pain. A series of massages will have a cumulative effect and regular massage will help to keep old aches and pains at bay as well as helping to prevent new ones. Many people will find having a massage such a restful and relaxing experience that they opt to include it as part of their general well being regime.

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