Jul 2016
Massage Therapy & Trigger Points

annawilliams By Anna Williams

Clients usually seek out massage because they are experiencing pain which does not go away by itself. Sometimes they are unaware of what’s happened to cause the pain, and can’t work out how to relieve it. As massage therapists we always aim to find the original source of the pain, and very often we discover that it is coming from elsewhere in the body, sometimes from a place that the client had no idea was a problem! This is when we start to consider trigger points.

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Dec 2015
All or Nothing Syndrome

sebastian small By Sebastian Urbanik

Do you fall into the catergory of people who either put off or put no effort into physical exercise because of the "All or Nothing" cognitive myth?

This myth encrypts your mind with the false belief that a little exercise or physical activity will not bring any benefits to you - usually based on your personal high standards-hence, the all or nothing approach!

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Nov 2015
Lower Back Pain

By Carson Macartney
Lower back pain is one of the most common issues we treat at The Massage Centre - from spasms, to stiffness to chronic tightness. The majority of people we see with lower back pain and dysfunction have postural imbalances not only into their lower back region, but quite often into their hips, pelvis and other areas throughout the body.

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Oct 2015
"Under Pressure"


How deep is deep?

By Colin Cassidy

When we receive a massage treatment we generally desire one or all of the following outcomes: pain relief, mobility and relaxation. In order to make a tangible change in the tension held within our muscles or how they function, a certain intensity of pressure must be reached relevant to the client's tolerance.

But how deep is deep? How much 'soreness' should we feel to be sure that a positive and lasting impact is made on the muscle tissue?

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Sep 2015
Holidays: An extreme sport!



By Sigita Beliunaite

From the first day of summer we look forward to our holidays and the opportunity to escape routine & our stressful lifestyles in London to enjoy sunshine, warm weather and nice beaches. Holidays are wonderful for recharging our bodies and minds - but what happens to our bodies when we expose them to all kinds of unaccustomed activities like long car/plane journeys, wrangling heavy luggage, cricket on the beach, swimming & surfing? Holidays can be an extreme sport if you have spent the rest of your year less active or at your desk!

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Sep 2015
When stress becomes 'distress'

Stress seems to have become synonymous with modern living. According to the Bupa Stress Survey 2013, 44% of British adults stated that they currently felt stressed, of which 27% said they regularly felt close to breaking point and 52% were worried about the effect that stress was having on their health. Definitely a cause for concern.

Stress is no different to many processes in the human body, where what starts out as a normal, and very necessary, response to a situation can turn into a problem. We need that performance-enhancing boost of adrenaline and cortisol - common stress hormones - when we have an important work interview or need to hit the brakes to avoid a car accident.  Short-term stress is not ain itself a bad thing; it forms part of our primitive fight-or-flight response and is an important survival mechanism.

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Sep 2015
Ever felt like your body is caught in a twist?

franBy Fran Kehoe, Owner of the Massage Centre


What is it that causes our body to feel pain every now and then? Most of us have felt some level of discomfort or pain in our bodies at one stage or another during our lives. We all know about muscles and how an unhappy muscle can be sore to touch or move. Apart from the overuse, under moved or poorly fed (nutrition) reasons for having sore muscles, what else can play a major factor in causing pain?

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Aug 2015
Body Awareness & Mindfulness

When most people come to The Massage Centre for the first time, their visit is usually motivated by pain, ache or discomfort. It's pretty easy to give someone relief - more complicated to correct the issue, but usually we can! However, we're more interested in that which can prevent the pain from coming back - body awareness or being mindful!

Being body aware simply means noticing when we are creating unnecessary tensions in our body so that we can either stop the cause or reverse the negative impact. How do we become body aware? The first step is to create a contrast. If our muscles are used to being tight all of the time, then we won't notice when we are tensing them! Two or three effective massages in close proximity can usually re-boot the muscles, educating the cellular memory to relax our muscle when not in use - leaving them stronger for when we need them.

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