Sep 2017
Client Spotlight: Meet Alex Horsfall

As you know, we have a multitude of wonderful people who visit our clinic. In this section we interview a regular client of TMC to find out a little more about them.

Alex Horsfall runs Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate which operate all over West London with over 1000 students practicing every week. His newest venue is London Karate Dojo based in Acton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with lessons from 4 years plus. You can read more about classes etc on their website: http://londonkarate.co.uk Alex is hugely into sport and is often on the wrong side of a rugby tackle, meaning that we often see a lot of him

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Jul 2017
Client Spotlight: Meet Leon Delia

Client Spotlight
In this section we interview a regular client of TMC to find out a little more about the multitude of wonderful people who visit our clinic.

Meet Leon Delia, someone who we feel represents the very functional benefits that can be enjoyed from receiving regular massage. Leon is the owner of Fitnessology, a bespoke personal training studio. The studio is located at the Hogarth Centre within an easy reach of Chiswick High Road and Grove Park www.fitnessology.co.uk
As a father of three and full time personal trainer, he inspires all of us by demonstrating that being a father, business owner and staying healthy and fit is achievable for all of us.

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Oct 2016
An Interview with Sigita Beliunaite

Sigita is one of our pair of Lithuanian therapists at the Massage Centre. She is close with her family, and often shares pictures of her helping out on her parents’ farm with brothers when she comes back from visits home. She admits that the pace of life on the farm is much slower, calmer and peaceful than being in London. This is one realization that helped her to find yoga. Being a massage therapist and working to help reduce stress and tension in her clients, Sigita was left wanting that for herself as well. She has been practicing yoga now for over a year, and really believes in the benefits from it. She goes to classes twice a week, and then practices at home once or twice further. Each practice lasts anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes, depending on how long she feels she needs to meditate along with it. Sigita had a shoulder injury that only got resolved with the slow stretching yoga gives. She also credits yoga with improving her posture, giving her strength, better breath control and more mental balance.

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Sep 2016
Change Your Perspective to Avoid Autumn Weight Gain

According to dailymail.co.uk, September is the month when people gain the most weight in the year, second only after December. With shorter days and long cold nights making sitting on the couch watching Netflix seem like a good idea, how do you avoid this weighty problem? It makes sense that you may pack on a few pounds with the parties and yummy treats of the December holiday season, but why does it happen in September? A good friend suggested it was genetic, from back in the Neanderthal times when a long winter meant no food. To be able to survive meant one had to partake of the food when it was available.

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Sep 2016
An Interview with Natalia Kwiecinska


Sitting down to chat with Natalia is a very easy thing to do. She is not only keen to help out and full of great ideas, but she is also early, bringing the same vitality with her that she brings to work every day. Her self-professed love of learning is obvious. Five years ago when she finished her physiotherapy training, she knew it wouldn’t end there.

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Aug 2016
An Interview with Zoltan Balogh

Since December, 2015, Chiswick has been fortunate to have Zoltan Balogh plying his trade at The Massage Centre. Zoltan is a serious man. He is serious about providing pain relief to his clients, he is serious about his holistic approach to health, and he is serious about having fun with his fitness. He comes by these things honestly, as his whole family is filled with athletes that believe in putting health and family first. His Mum owns a lavender shop back home in Hungary, and Zoltan was inspired to study herbs and homeopathy for a while. He also sends his clients emails with tips and tricks to maximise their health by making small changes to their everyday lives. But does he practice what he preaches?

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