Therapist Spotlight – Meg

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a little town in Warwickshire; however, I spent every holiday in St. Ives in Cornwall. We moved there 6 years ago, so I had a combination really! I really did live the best of both worlds, with the beach and sunshine in Cornwall and then the busier midlands lifestyles!

What differences have you noticed between home and London?
The main difference between home and London is the speed of life! At home you’d rarely see 20 people on the high street, here you see more than that on the tube at 6am.

How did you get interested in massage?

Having played tennis my whole life, I experienced my fair share of injuries. Each week we would meet with a sports therapist and they would review our bodily conditions and treat as necessary. After observing what they did, and seeing how much they enjoyed it, I always aspired to work within the field of sports therapy or massage therapy!

What are your hobbies?

My main hobbies are sports related, such as the gym and tennis! However, I used to ride horses when I was younger, and that has always been a keen interest! Another one of my main hobbies is singing, but I’m not very good or audible. Ha ha!

What’s your earliest memory?

My earliest memories are those of my sister and me playing out the front of our house with all our friends all day every day through the summer holidays! It was so much fun, we only went inside to eat or to sleep!

What are your parents like?

My parents are inspirational! I’m blessed in the sense that I have a combination of all their traits and characters. They make me laugh 24/7, and there is never a dull moment!

If you could click your fingers and suddenly have any skill you choose, what would it be?


Where would you take friends if they came to stay with you in London for a week?
I’d take them to the Shard, because of the height! And a combination of all the botanical gardens and parks here, as they all love open space!


If you could have one person as a mentor (someone you know or a well-known person), who would it be?
Serena Williams because she is a hero in the eyes of tennis players, due to her determination and ability to produce unbelievable results under high amounts of pressure, and still enjoy what she is doing!

What three courses would you cook at a dinner party?
1. Calamari, because I love squid and seafood.
2. Fajitas because Mexican food is amazing, and all the flavours are so yummy!

3. Banana Split, because they are my absolute favourite things to eat, and they can all be made so differently!


Name your favourite book, film and song

Favourite book- The Chimp Paradox- because it is so insightful and is just amazing!

Favourite film- The Notebook –because it is an absolute classic!!

Favourite song- Swings & Waterslides by Viola Beach – reminds me of summer, and just puts you in a feel good mood.

Tell me a joke
Where do pirates buy their presents?