Therapist Spotlight – Meet Martin

Where do you come from?

Undoubtedly, from Mars. There are just too many signs pointing in the same direction… I’m a man, and as we know ‘men are from Mars’, I’m born on the first day of the star sign Aries (planet ruler – Mars), and I’m named Martin – after the Greek god of war – Mars. On a different level, I feel very much at home on Earth and treat it with the appropriate love and respect. I was born in beautiful Bulgarian town called Ruse. Situated on the river Danube, it is often called the little Vienna because of its stunning architecture and tranquil vibe.

What brought you to London?

Love at first sight. I was a first-year student at the University of Bath when I came to London for the first time. I immediately felt a sense of belonging as if I have arrived back home. This convinced me that at some stage I’ll live in London. It happened for the first time about 10 years ago during my first placement as a student. I moved permanently after my graduation in 2013 pursuing the promise of financial success and freedom in the ‘Financial Capital’. I love the fact that London has consistently allowed me to find like-minded people in the areas that I’m interested in from spirituality, through professional training, to art. I have a sense though, that London is not the final stop in my life journey..


The 3 words which describe you best….

Wise, Charismatic, Extreme …. need I say any more…?

Wise – Many people who speak with me are confronted with a paradox. Here is someone looking ~10 years younger than their actual age and speaking with the peace, clarity and conviction of a very old soul… This is why many people call me ‘wise’ or even address me as ‘Wise Martin’.

Charismatic – I cannot elaborate too much without becoming overly self-indulgent… πŸ˜€

Extreme – as much as I strive for balance moment to moment, I’ve come to see it as a long-term endeavour. Because I go 100% in the things I engage with, I naturally go to extremes from time to time. As long as I’m live with clarity and awareness, I’m happy to ride the waves of my life phases and keep the big picture in balance.


What is the best thing about working at the Massage Centre?

Hm… let me think… the days I’m off work..? πŸ˜€ Clearly, I’m joking.

1) I cannot begin to express my joy of meeting my colleagues. I’ve developed deep connections with some of them and have learned new things from all of them. I appreciate the opportunity to work in an environment where I can bring my true self to work and have fun as I do what I enjoy.

2) The relationships I’ve built with some of my regular clients are also hugely rewarding. The enrichment is mutual. Yes, I do share my insights and wealth of knowledge on keeping a healthy body and mind but my clients also enrich me with their diversity of life experiences and perspectives.

3) Working on exceeding the quality and service standards at the Massage Centre has been pushing me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a therapist and a human being.


What is your biggest passion in life?

To live each moment with as much awareness, clarity, wisdom and compassion as I can. In case this sounds vague or does not make complete sense, let me elaborate… Having a passion that is connected with achieving something or doing something ultimately can put us in a state of continual becoming where we are constantly directing our energy and focus toward the future. I.e. we live in a state of striving and becoming instead of a state of being – a recipe for dissatisfaction, in my experience. Instead, I chose to channel my energy into the NOW and allow my being to unfold its full potential into the mystical present moment.


Your favourite place in the world and why?

The place where I make love passionately to the point of forgetting my small self… The place where I meditate deeply and experience the infinite openness of my mind… The place where I can speak my highest truth in front of people who care and will benefit from it… Clearly, no one ‘place’ can satisfy all of these… Yet, when I come from the right ‘place’ from the depth of my being, this very place where I’m right NOW is my favourite one.


What has been the biggest challenge in your life?

Having to adapt or modify who I am in order to fit into conventional norms of society or certain groups… And I’ve failed repeatedly πŸ˜€ I still chose to be true to myself and live with the ambivalent reactions that this evokes in other people sometimes. I feel blessed to have great people in my life with whom I click on various levels. It is intense, it is powerful, it is meaningful – just like how I live my life.


Who has been your inspiration in life?

I have been my biggest inspiration in life. Facing and overcoming challenges as diverse as transforming my body from obese to athletic, landing extremely lucrative jobs as a Bulgarian with no experience, and continually persevering despite countless setbacks have inspired me to live with the confidence that everything that happens to me is in my own best interest…

On a different level, I’ve been deeply inspired by some mystics such as the zen masters Huang Po and Bodhidharma as well as the more contemporary Nisargadatta Maharaj. The spiritual power and wisdom emanating from the recorded words of these masters are a spring of inspiration for me on my journey through life.

On a more everyday level, some of my friends and romantic partners have been an inspiration with their genuine attitude, unique perspectives and willingness to challenge me when I’m ‘off’, whatever that means … πŸ˜€


Do you have any interesting/strange talents or skills?

Where to begin… I’m exceptionally good at sitting cross-legged and staring at walls for extended periods (a.k.a. zen meditation). I have the ability to make people feel that I always know what they are thinking about (which I don’t, well not always :D). I also have the talent of seeing the humorous sides in situations that most people would consider a ‘disaster’. I’m also very skilled at enjoying my own voice and words of ‘wisdom’ so much that I ump at every opportunity for public speaking … πŸ˜€ Some people also say that I’m good at giving them a message but I’m not sure about that … πŸ˜€