Therapist Spotlight – Anna

Anna Williams shares an insight into her life in this month’s therapist spotlight. Visit her justgiving page to learn why she is running her first half marathon to raise money for a small Richmond based charity called My Life Films.

  1. So Anna, you’re normally the one who asks the spotlight questions for our newsletter. What in life are you most curious about?

Absolutely everything! I love to learn about anything, but mostly people. I love getting to know people and what they like – there’s always a surprise if you spend long enough

talking to someone. People are so different but there’s always common ground. I think most of us want the same things, we just look for them in different ways.

  1. If a time machine could transport you to any time period in history, for one hour, what era would you visit?

I don’t know about one hour, can I have ten minutes in six different places? I’d really like to visit each of my grandparents and my parents in their childhoods, just for a better understanding of who they were/are and what they all experienced. I think wanting to get to know and understand your family better is something that happens as you get older.

  1. What is the best television series you’ve ever watched?

I’ve always enjoyed things that are a bit off the wall, and loved The League of Gentlemen as a teenager. Probably a bit too strange for most people! Comedies are always good but I really loved Breaking Bad. It’s intense but with great comic moments and you get so involved with the story and the characters. I also love easy viewing programmes like Come Dine With Me because you still get the interactions between people and also some great cooking tips!

  1. Are you watching anything currently?

At the moment I have no time to watch anything because I’ve just moved into a new flat and am busy filling it with lovely things like mirrors and colour co-ordinating plant pots! I love to read so am more likely to be found on the sofa with a nice book. I’m slightly obsessed with Agatha Christie so my bookcase is about 90% her books and 10% ‘other’.

  1. You’re running a half marathon to raise money for My Life Films, a dementia support charity. Do you have any personal connection for supporting this charity?

I’m supporting My Life Films (a Richmond-based charity) because my gran had Alzheimer’s and my family and I looked after her for several years before she had to go into residential care. Dementia is an incredibly tough illness on both the sufferer and also the close family and carers. But I like to focus, in any situation, on what can be done to make things better and easier, and this charity does just that. It makes films based on the dementia sufferer’s life, to bring them comfort and joy, and if you can bring just a little bit of joy into someone’s life, why wouldn’t you?

  1. What’s the biggest perk in working at The Massage Centre?

Too many to say. A beautiful team, lovely clients, a happy atmosphere, and treatments available from the best therapists in London, if not the world!

  1. What’s your greatest achievement in life?

I think finishing my degree in 2009. I had massive doubts that I could complete it and do a good job, particularly my dissertation which I considered pulling out of almost every day. But finishing with a 2.1 was a massive confidence boost and made me realise I really can do whatever I put my mind to. I have much less fear now and just enjoy getting on with a challenge and showing myself what I can do.

  1. Which three words describe you best?

I would say enthusiastic, compassionate and adventurous. I’ve just asked my best friend and she said kind, affectionate and caring 🙂 My brother said something quite different, but you don’t need to know that!

  1. If you won £80 million in the Euro millions what would you spend it on?

The first thing would be to give my family enough to buy lovely homes that they’ll be happy in, and a bit extra to treat themselves. Then I’d buy myself a nice place in London, overlooking the Thames. I’d travel to all the places I haven’t been to yet, like India, South America and parts of Africa. And I’d set up a charity to rescue animals affected by poaching. And support a lot more charities too! And I’ve always wanted to hire a beautiful island and take all my friends and family there for a holiday of fun, relaxation and amazing scenery!