Therapist Spotlight- Alex

2. Which one do you call home?
– The Isle of Wight, where my family is. I left there in 2013 for uni, and I’ve been in London for a few months now.

3. How are you finding it?
– Great, I really like Chiswick- it’s got a friendly, town vibe but it’s only 20 minutes from the city

4. Who are you living with now?
– My boyfriend and our friend. Our dog, Jessie, is with us part-time, but we reluctantly share custody with my boyfriend’s parents!

5. What are your hobbies?
– I’ve played cricket since I was 7. I used to play at a high level and had been aiming to play professionally, but I had two years out following a stress fracture in my lumbar spine, plus a disc rupture and degeneration. Now I play some again, semi-seriously.

6. All women or mixed?
– A bit of both. I prefer women’s as it’s more competitive. Club level cricket with men is more about getting to the pub afterwards for a pint!

7. I guess you got into sports therapy following therapy you received for your injury?
– Well, the lack of it really. I had NHS treatment and found I received very little help or useful information. So I did a lot of my own research into what was going on and ended up becoming fascinated. Then I wanted to be able to give people what I knew I needed but didn’t get.

8. Do you have any party tricks?
– Yes. I can click almost every joint in my body, VERY loudly

9. Have you travelled much?
– I spent a month in Perth, Australia, playing cricket. I used to go on cruises with my family so I’ve seen quite a lot of the Mediterranean. I’d really like to spend more time in Italy and Copenhagen. And I’d love to see East Asia and Mexico for the cultures

10. What three items would you take with you to a dessert island?
– My phone, with wind-up charger, stocked with books, films and games
– A lifetime supply of peanut butter

11. Who would play you in a film of your life?
– Jennifer Lawrence

12. Tell me a joke
– What’s Forrest Gump’s password?