Staff Spotlight – Liz

  1. Where did you grow up?
    – I grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC.
  1. Tell me about growing up there– It was great! Really a halcyon existence. My junior high and high school days were like the movie Grease, but in the late 70’s early 80’s. There was much less spontaneous dancing and  singing as I remember.
  1. When and why did you move to London?
    – I moved to London in 1982. My Mother’s job transferred her here.  She said I should come for the summer and check it out.  I did – and loved it!  Then the summer came to an end and all the handsome Scandinavian guys here on holiday, went back home….

  1. What jobs have you had before coming to TMC?
    – I have quite an eclectic skill set. I lived in Arizona, Seattle and Los Angeles.  In LA I worked for a feature film director.  His first movie opened the Sundance film festival.  Then we took it to the Cannes film festival and a major distributer picked it up. In Arizona – I lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright house.  Rode horses and learned how to pan for gold.  ‘Ya seeing any colour?’  That’s what panners say to each other.  Needless to say, the colour eluded me but it was a blast anyway.
  1. Which was your favourite and why?
    – Arizona was the most amazing place. The colour of the sunsets would blow your mind. I’ve seen rattlesnakes, tarantulas, mountain lions and scorpions in the wild.  Always good to carry a portable blacklight with you when hiking in the desert at night.  Scorpions show up under blacklight.
  1. What do you do for fun?
    – I love to travel. I have to do more of that.  One of the most exhilarating things is arriving at a new destination at night, getting up early and taking it all in.
  2. Name your three dream dinner guests
    – David Attenborough, Oscar Wilde and Prince.
  1. What would your ideal holiday be like?
    – Ideal holiday would be exploring the South Pacific.
  1. Do you have anything on your bucket list?
    – How long have you got? 😊 I’d like to rent an adobe north of Sante Fe for a year and pretend I’m Georgia O’Keefe.
  1. Do you have any weird or interesting talents?
    – I’m really good at remembering lyrics to songs. I tend to sing along quite loudly and play air guitar.