Does desk sitting kill your body?

It may be an extreme question to ask but can sitting too much really have such a negative effect on the body? Office workers are well attuned to the effects of prolonged desk sitting. They may sometimes suffer from repetitive strain injuries or low back pain associated to incorrect and excessive durations of sitting. In …

Staff Spotlight – Liz

Where did you grow up? – I grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC. Tell me about growing up there– It was great! Really a halcyon existence. My junior high and high school days were like the movie Grease, but in the late 70’s early 80’s. There was much less spontaneous dancing and …

Client Spotlight – Kate Hollis

Client Spotlight – Kate Hollis

As you know we have a multitude of wonderful people who visit our clinic. In this section we interview a regular client of TMC to find out a little more about them.

Kate Hollis and her husband Chris run a children’s charity in memory of their son Tommy who tragically lost his life just one day before his first birthday.

Tommy lost his life in 2010 when a lamp post landed on his pram outside Chiswick Town Hall. The Hollis family turned their loss into a positive cause of giving, by raising funds for under-privileged, sick and orphaned children. Tommy brought joy to all who encountered him in his short life and the Tommy Hollis Fund continues this spirit by raising money for several worthy children’s charities. To learn more about the Tommy Hollis Fund please click here:

Therapist Spotlight – Peter

Therapist Spotlight – Peter

Peter has been a TMC therapist for 4 years now and has been very popular with the people of Chiswick. Anna Williams interviews our Swedish ‘Viking’ to learn what floats his boat.

  1. Where did you grow up?

-I grew up in Northern Sweden, outside the city of Umeå (European capital of culture 2014) with my two younger brothers and my mom & dad

Why do I feel ill after my massage?

Why do I feel ill the day after my massage?

Feeling sick after a massage is not a common reaction, but it can happen occasionally. Massage therapists are aware of this phenomenon, and that it usually affects clients who are a first time massage recipient, or someone who has not received massage for quite some time. The worst cases of a post massage “healing crisis” feel like a full blown flu. Let’s explore what causes this phenomenon and whether a post massage glass of water can prevent it?

Massage for Runners

Massage for runners – how massage can bring a spring to your stride

Spring is upon us and runners are excited to be outside in the parks training for this year’s events. Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or preparing for your first one, this is an important season for London runners. Your fitness levels are probably increasing to enable you to develop a steady tempo and push towards hard running. Massage is used by many people to support their running needs. Find out how it can help you, whatever your level by reading the points below.

Massage for Busy Mums

 Do you feel like you’re trying to “do it all” at work and home? Being spread too thin or feeling pulled in every direction is a common reality for many stay at home mothers or working mums in London. Many mums risk burnout, being ineffective at work or grumpy and tired at home. Having a massage is a great way to relieve stress, release tension and regain your focus. Here are some reasons that mums can benefit from making the investment.