Therapist Spotlight – Anna Williams

Welcome to Spring!

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, most of us start to feel as if we’re having new life breathed into us. It’s a fantastic opportunity to leave the winter blues behind and focus that new energy into our health and wellbeing.

Therapist Roles

We are your biggest supporters, here’s how:

Spring is definitely here. More daylight hours and warmer days make it a great time for new beginnings – it’s the perfect time to decide to get active and improve our health generally.

It’s certainly a lot easier to keep our resolutions to than in the dark days of January. Even so, everyone needs extra support and encouragement to meet their health and fitness goals.

Therapist Spotlight

Dealing with Tension Headache and Tight Shoulders: David and his Upper Crossed Syndrome

In my long career as a massage therapist, I have met a lot of patients who ask why their shoulders are tight, why their neck and head poke forward, and why they slouch. Then I explain to them that these are symptoms of ‘Upper Crossed Syndrome’ (UCS).

Calling all marathon runners!

Structural fitness for a strain and pain-free body

If you’re training for the London Marathon, or if sport and fitness play a big part in your life, it’s essential that you give your structural fitness the attention it deserves. Most ideas of fitness revolve around cardio-vascular capacity, muscle strength, speed, stamina – what our bodies can do, and how well. But a vital, and often overlooked, component is how our bodies are equipped to deal with these activities.

Massage & The Immune System

Did you know that you can kick start your immune system with a good massage? We all know massage feels good, but not everyone is aware of it’s positive impact on the immune system. It can certainly help “bash the bugs” which is good news for this time of year. It’s commonly known that massage reduces stress levels, but how does it really benefit your health?

Improve your golf with massage therapy

Golf is perhaps one of the most famous and challenging sports in the world. It is also one of the most popular hobbies, so regardless of whether your aim is to play golf to professional standard or you just play for leisure, you need to be physically fit in order to be good at it. Golf is definitely not as easy as it looks and if you do not have well-built muscles and a physically fit body then the possibility of hurting yourself is much greater. Massage therapy can help by developing your upper body and fueling your muscles to receive maximum nutrients; both of which help you to perform optimally and recover quickly.

Treating Postural Problems with Massage Therapy

If you were to examine all of your joints within your body you would discover that at both ends are linked by muscles. Any time you make a movement with your body these important joints have the ability to work together with the muscles to ensure the movements are performed smoothly. It is almost like riding a skateboard. When you place one foot on the board your balance is fine but, if both your feet are on the board you can keep your balance even better.

Take my breath away

I had never really thought much about my breath until one sunny morning fifteen years ago when I decided to turn over a new health leaf, again.

Waking up before my alarm I dug out a beginners yoga video I had been given. My thoughts raced excitedly to my future healthy slimmer body.

What’s up with tight muscles?

Many of us have tight muscles and often they don’t cause us pain. Touching our toes, making a circle with our arm or limbo dancing may not be something we need to do. If we aren’t using those muscles and they aren’t hurting why should we be concerned if they are shorter and harder?

Ball pic

A ball and a wall

The thought of receiving 15 minute massages every day would make most of us dance with glee. The possibility of having several mini massages throughout your day seems like something only reserved for the super-rich and famous. Actually all it takes is a ball and a wall.