Client Spotlight: Meet Leon Delia

What is a typical day like in the shoes of Leon, if there is one?

As a Personal Trainer my days are stretched into peak hours that cluster before and after my client’s work days. This leaves the middle of my day flexible to exercise, work on my business, do daily tasks and see my kids. Every PT hour is different and each client brings a different mood, goal and topic of conversation. It’s fun and the sessions can often fly by. I always take a day off during the week to play at being a stay at home dad for a day. I have three boys and being present for them is one of the reasons I started my business.

Would you say that massage is important to you?
Boxing competitively has left my body feeling battered and bruised at times. I first saw Fran 9 years ago for massage and I was able to get much more consistent with my training and suffer less injuries. After 7 years of seeing Fran, it was a sad day when he put down the oils, but he assured me his therapists would continue to deliver the quality he had set. I’ve visited TMC ever since, as often as weekly when in heavy training. It is important for me to have a place that I trust to recommend to my Fitnessology clients anytime they feel a strain.

What do you do to turn off and relax?
I find that a feel good factor comes with going for a run, hitting some bags or throwing some weights around. For the whole time I’m training I’m present in that moment without the general distractions of life so by the end of it, I feel mentally relaxed and generally at peace. Add on the fact that I’m usually too tired to move after the workout, you can’t get more relaxed.

How do you help people with fitness around the area?
I find that many people in Chiswick are health conscious, would like to be fitter but suffer from a shortage of time. Understanding our clients and introducing the right things at the right pace can have people exercising to levels they previously thought impossible. My experience is that if we take the stress out of the gym environment, our clients enjoy their exercise, develop habits in activity and get life changing results.

Why Chiswick? What makes it special to you?
Chisiwck’s a great place – truly unique in it’s vibe. Somehow it has a village feel with a great sense of community. The river is only 5 minutes away and offers really nice running routes combined with beautiful views. It makes it easy to go for a run or brisk walk when surrounded by beautiful parks and rivers.

What are your favourite spots in Chiswick?
Obviously The Massage Centre is up there! I like the Thames walk most – the pubs and small old-fashioned buildings on one side, crossing the river brings raw and gravelly foot paths and overgrown bushes – it’s such a unique and beautiful contrast! Chiswick House and Gunnersbury Park are also favourite places of mine.