Client Spotlight: Meet Alex Horsfall

You started visiting TMC 4 years ago, why did you choose our clinic?
I chose the Massage Centre initially because it was new and close to where I worked in Chiswick and Acton. After that it was the excellent staff and friendly atmosphere that kept me coming.

What benefits you most from having regular massage treatments?
I do a lot of sport Karate, Rugby, Rock climbing and I go to the gym so I often get very tight from the high impact of rugby which in turn can effect everything from my flexibility and mobility to my mood. Getting regular massage helps my body recover faster and helps me relax mentally also.

What makes Karate special for you compared with all other martial arts?
I’ve practiced Karate all my life my father learned whilst in the SAS and later became an instructor. I apprenticed with him and we developed our company together I’m not sure what I’d have done without Karate.
In the Karate Kid the line “Wax on – Wax off” stands out, do you have a common phrase that you use when teaching classes? We have the 7 rules of Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate but otherwise not really. Although, when asked what is the most important trait of a karate teacher I always say “The toughest are the kindest”

What do you perceive to be London Karates’s greatest strength that differentiates you from the rest?
We teach our students to teach each other whether they are 4 or 80 it helps to develop understanding well rounded karate students that is our main goal.

Do you have any particular age groups that you prefer to teach?
I love teaching children there is something about their thirst for knowledge and to be better all whist having fun that keeps me young. We are specialists when it comes to children having over 1000 training with us in West London.

What do you do when you’re not teaching Karate?
Spend time with my awesome family Belle my wife and my 3 children Archie, Oscar, and Isabelle. I go to the cinema often and do a lot of sport to relax I also love reading about anything and everything.

You know Chiswick very well, where are your favourite places?
Well apart from The Massage Centre. Sitting on Turnham Green eating Phillip Neals luxury chocolates and reading, Coté (excellent food and staff), High road house (when I’m with friends) and my various friends houses in the area.

Sport plays a huge role in your life, who’s your number one sporting hero and why?
If you’d asked me a few years back it would have been Jonny Wilkinson.
Having grown up a bit since then I would have to say it is James Cracknell. He is without a doubt one of the most inspirational people i have ever had the privilege of meeting I taught his son Croyd for a time. Apart from being a double Olympic gold medalist and 6 time world champion at rowing. He came 12th in the marathon des sables on his first go also came second in the South Pole race and rowed across the Atlantic. There are so many other sporting achievements I could go on for a while. He also showed just how awesome he is recovering from a near death cycling accident in 2010 (always wear a helmet). He truly is an inspiration to me and many others.