Client Spotlight – Emma Ericson

What influences inspires your jewellery creations?
I get much of my inspiration whilst I walk my dog. I am always amazed by the beauty of nature and I like to incorporate this into my designs.

Is there anything you are designing at the moment?
I currently have a number of new designs being completed which involve flowers and butterflies. I hope to have these available on my website early February. My designs are currently made in sterling silver with a little gold used on a couple of pieces, but I hope design more in gold and platinum as my business grows.

Who or what motivated you to start Milly & Co?
Owning my own business had been a dream for many years, but previously I was working full time in an office job and hadn’t been able to make it work. When I moved back to the UK from New Zealand at the end of 2016 I grabbed the opportunity to give it my full attention. It’s been a steep learning curve but I am enjoying every minute.

You spent a decade in New Zealand, what one thing do you miss that you’d like to bring to London?
Oh gosh, there are so many things I miss.

Why did you move to Chiswick?
I have always loved Chiswick with it’s village like feel whilst being so close to central London. The parks and the river also made it ideal for my dog.

How do you use your spare time?
Most of my spare time is spent walking my dog and going to the gym. I am also an avid reader and I’m currently making my way through David Baldacci’s work. I really love thrillers and can get quite grumpy if I don’t have a good book to hand.

What is one thing most people don’t know about Emma?
That despite living in New Zealand for 9 years I have never seen any of the Lord of the Rings films.