Christmas Stress & Fatigue – Taking Time Out

Although Christmas is a time of year that we look forward to, many of us suffer stress and fatigue during this time of year and fail to recognize it. People spend weeks making preparations and can experience immune system breakdown making them more vulnerable to colds and more.

We have come up with tips to help you deal better with stress and fatigue during Christmas.

Take a Breather

The festive season is laden with activities to partake in, from social gatherings to children nativity plays and parties. As the saying goes, too much of anything can be bad.
To avoid having immune crashes, burnouts and muscle strains, it is better to take it easy and choose wisely which activities you get involved in. Make efforts to take a breather, get out and spend quality alone time, or in nature.

Make a List before Christmas Shopping

To make Christmas shopping easy, fluid and fun, create a shopping list before you hit the store. It helps you avoid panic purchases and wandering around the store, which can be stressful and energy depleting.

Learn to Balance Daily Activities

To ensure your overall wellbeing during Christmas, you have to balance your daily schedule. During nights that you have burnt the candle at both ends, make plans to catch naps the next day to make up for lost sleep. Do not routinely sacrifice essential activities like sleeping, walking and exercising for anything as this could lead to accumulation of stress and eventually body pains. Take time to decongest your daily schedule and create room for relaxation to regain lost energy and repair damaged muscles during the hectic festive period.

Walk Around

Walking around is a great way to work your body system into relieving it from the increased stress levels. It also helps you loosen stiff muscles and joints and goes a long way in keeping the joints and muscle health.

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises such as squats, bicycle crunches, push-ups, and dips are highly therapeutic and effective in getting the blood circulating around your body. Stretch your muscles in the regions that are highly susceptible to effects of stress; these include the chest, hamstrings, quadriceps, arms, calves, and shoulders. Working out enables you to build energy to keep up with the demands of the festivity period.

Massage Therapy

Another way of taking time out for you during your Christmas schedule is to arrange a massage session. When your body is piled up with stress, getting a massage is one of the most effective ways to empty it out. The benefits should boost your sleep and leave you with a better feeling of wellbeing.

There you have it! These are just a few ways of taking a breather from Christmas activities and improving your health. We offer massage therapy services that will leave you with an improved sense of health and wellbeing. During the Christmas period why not visit us so that we can help you to relax and full enjoy the festive season.