5 Reasons Why Executives Use Regular Massage

– in you! The “not having time” factor is easily solved – schedule your massage a month in advance. That way you have control of your diary and it’s possible to schedule other commitments around it to ensure you stay on top in your active life.

Some business leaders are beginning to view massage as a necessity, just as important as exercise and eating healthy. It forms part of their routine to help them perform at the top of their game. The following five reasons will help give you an insight as to why to book your next massage appointment today.

Massage to enhance your creative ideas

In the fast paced and crammed schedules of the business world there can be little time to stop and take check. We’re often so busy that our thoughts are stuck in buzz mode and it feels like a cloud has formed around us. Many of my clients have reported that massage brings them clarity. A greater perspective seems possible when you take a step back from your focused project and the escapism offered by a good massage session could be all that is needed to get the creative juices flowing again. Perhaps solutions and ideas are easier to come by from the enhanced cognitive function of your brain, fuelled by extra blood flow carrying oxygen. Tension and twists released from the muscles can really free up the highways that carry the circulation of blood, lymphatic waste, nerve communications and chi around the body. Clients report feeling more grounded and having had more “aha moments” during or after their treatment.

Massage can improve your productivity

Productivity is all about doing the right things at the right times and following the best processes that help to accomplish them. As mentioned above, there can be little doubt that boosting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain will have a positive influence on your brainpower. Not only will releasing twists and knots from the neck muscles aid blood flow but also lymphatic drainage. It can be just as important to remove the waste products that can clog and irritate the soft tissues of the brain when the exit is impeded. Cleansing the brain cells with fresh nutrient rich blood will enable the neurons to fire more effectively, promoting a clearer thought pattern. Clear thinkers are smart thinkers and usually focus on the job in hand, boosting productivity and being rewarded from feel good factor from accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Massage can ease pain and even boost your immune system

Research has shown that massage is a proven method of reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. With many executives spending long hours at their desk each day, neck and shoulder pain has become a common symptom that they can suffer from. Sports and remedial massage can physically groom the tissues back into shape, flushing out lactic and carbonic acids and re-setting the muscles to function pain free again. Eliminating toxins and acid from your muscles will leave you feeling less irritated, relieving nerve pain and tension to promote a better state of being, clarity and productivity. Many companies have embraced wellness programmes at work and offered complementary treatments to their employees such as massage. There is evidence that these practices are linked with less time off work due to illness. If you want to avoid taking time off due to sickness and stay healthy during the winter, it could be worth scheduling a regular massage to keep your immunity in good shape. At The Massage Centre in Chiswick we usually recommend a massage once a month to most people to stay in good shape – in times of stress, busy schedules and pressures it is important to increase this frequency to better manage life events and stay healthy.

Massage improves sleep patterns

Receiving a deep tissue massage can be a very relaxing experience. At times, when you have muscle dysfunction or irritated tissues receiving massage can be a little painful but this should be a relieving pain. Releasing muscular tension and having boosted circulation has enabled many clients to report that their sleeping patterns improve significantly for a period of days after their massage. Enjoying deep sleep, which is the restorative stage of the sleep cycle, will help you relax, resolve work stress, reboot your mind and to awaken refreshed in the morning. Why not choose one of our 9pm appointments? It’s late enough to enable you to go straight home and get into bed afterwards and could be just the tonic the night before a presentation or day packed with back-to-back meetings.

Having regular massage stabilises your sleep patterns enough so you are ready to tackle the next day feeling restored, refreshed and energised.

Massage can relieve your stress symptoms

Executive stress syndrome is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. It has been reported that executives are suffering from exhaustion and burnout earlier in their careers which can lead to illness, relationship problems, other stress related issues and untimely death. Positive pressure can be a good thing and can boost performance, achievement and reward. However, prolonged periods of pressure and stress can leave your adrenal glands fatigued and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol present in your system. High levels of cortisol have been linked to high blood pressure, obesity and diminished immune system. Research has shown that massage reduces cortisol allowing your endocrine system to better balance your hormones. Business leaders are increasingly looking after themselves in the same way as athletes do. They’re beginning to understand that pushing themselves at 100% of their capacity 100% of the time results in little or no long-term gain. Massage is one way of building a management strategy to aid recovery and recharge their batteries – you could do the same!

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