4 Reasons why to see the same Massage Therapist

This article was inspired by the recent BBC news report that seeing the same doctor over time “lowers death rates”. Continuity of care leads to “better communication, patient satisfaction, adherence to medical advice and much lower use of hospital services”. TMC have always been advocates in partnering you up with a regular therapist who can support your massage needs. Let’s explore some of the benefits, and why seeing the same massage therapist repeatedly can be of more value to you.


Muscles release better when you trust your massage therapist

Establishing a sense of trust and safety is the keystone to any relationship. This is especially essential in a client/therapist relationship. Having a positive massage outcome is dependent on your ability to relax and allow your therapist to access deeper layers of muscle tissue. No amount of deep pressure, technique or will power will force muscles to release without the co-operation and trust of a client. Therapists earn trust over a number of client visits by being consistent, caring and learning to better understand your needs.

Follow a massage treatment plan: keep your goals on track

Unless you’re having a spa massage to relax, massage works best as a course of treatments. It takes the accumulative effect of a number of treatments at the appropriate frequency for you, to create a lasting change in muscle memory. Similar to antibiotic courses, it can have a negative effect to give up before the course finishes. When you see a regular therapist, they are able to keep your goal in focus, give you feedback on how you’re progressing and motivate you to see it through!

Partners in health – empowering you to take charge of how you feel

Massage by itself can do 40% of the work in creating a long lasting positive effect on your body. When you connect with “your therapist” they have a knack of leading you to a greater state of physical awareness.  Gaining greater body awareness can lead you to take charge, take positive steps, notice what causes ill effects and empower you to prevent painful conditions from taking hold in the first place. Reducing the therapist role from 100% to 40% will take you away from using massage as pain relief and being the journey of prevention and wellbeing enhancement.

A massage therapist who has your back – can be a life saver!

A good massage therapist invests in your health and your life. They’re interested, they listen and they remember the little things. Professional therapists also keep treatment notes, recording physical changes, goal tracking and what works best for you. TMC massage therapists have informed clients on skin mole changes – occasionally advising a GP visit if concerned. We also spot mood changes and can be great listeners – sometimes recommending a trusted talk therapy service if of interest to you. It may seem strange but we sometimes know the contours of your body even better than you and are at hand to recognise and advise you if anything doesn’t look right – giving you the earliest chance to get it checked out by the relevant specialist.

If you haven’t connected with a regular massage therapist yet and would like advice as to who is best for you to see, we would be delighted to help you and talk you through your needs. Our reception is open from 9am-9pm and you can reach us on 020 8166 8958.